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Some statistics

According to a detailed analysis of two year's worth of Irregulars mission debriefings by the dwarven statistician Hullgorn Trentar, approximately one in thirteen battles were classified as “should have run away” by the participants. Trentar also noted that two out of five these cases could also be classified as “realized this too late to prevent fatalities”.

Yozian Tammelnor calculated the odds of all participants in a Pit-related mission making it back unharmed as “four to one against”.

Case numbers

The first part of the case number is the year, based on the currently accepted way of counting years in Lockenport. This has changed a few times over the history of the Irregulars, making some of the older archives an investigative challenge. The second part is the current cycle, or month. There are twelves cycles, with three usually linked to each of the four seasons during the year. The annual Festival of the Moons is currently close to midwinter, and marks the change in the number of the year. The final number is based on when the file was first opened, newly opened files are number sequentially, but not necessarily assigned in that order.

Known missions

This page is an attempt to document known missions, both those played, or mentioned during the course of other missions.

Case number Title Irregulars (Leader) Notes
99/04/007 Unknown First mention of Letherna, the dominion of the Raven Queen. The only survivor of this mission had to be institutionalised weeks after this mission.
121/05/114 Unknown Description of a drow settlement called Tienhel L'Ruk
153/10/002 Unknown Pit Mission, mention of Terraced Hall, with walls inscribed with rituals
177/03/101 Unknown Pit Mission, sighting of a ferocious dragon fighting a tentacled beast in a dark lake
185/01/029 Unknown Pit Mission, mention of a passage from the Deep Swamps to deeper locations
186/11/089 Unknown Some survived, the rest are the bodies in 186/12/004 Cause of death listed as “something with twitching tentacles”
186/12/004 “Recover the Bodies” Included a sorcerer specializing in lightning Lost Queen Isathrain's Staff in the Pit
186/12/102 Unknown A University researcher examined the crown of the troglodyte king
187/01/004 Unknown Last mission official mission to the Pit before the Prison was sealed.
201/11/081 Unknown A wealthy merchant Albert Hefter commissioned the Irregulars to return his young daughter to life after the clergy failed him. The mission involved experimental necromantic magic. In the file, it is marked as successful, but with a note the Mr Hefter refused to accept the form him daughter returned to him in. (All of the Irregulars involved in this mission died under strange circumstances within the following year.)
209/10/035 Missing Fisherman Clunk, Eckhardt, Jett, Petru, QiRa, Rodakan Client: Fisherman's Guild
209/11/008 A Diplomatic Mission Clunk, Leetor, QiRa, Stoella, Wizen Client: Oltarn Family
209/11/029 Stolen Goods Ashanti, Clunk, Leetor, Stoella, Zulak Client: Jeltin Dresk
209/11/031 “Aftermath of the Urn Incident” Bratis, Millis, others Mentioned in report 209/11/029
209/11/053 Crypt of the Dragon Prince Clunk, Eckhardt, Petru, Stoella, Wizen, Zulak Client: Lockenport University
209/11/059 Unknown Mentioned in report 209/12/037 (Archibald Malkett)
209/11/084 Citadel of the Dead Clunk, Rodakan, Stoella, Wizen, Zulak Client: Karaden Greshtik
209/11/099 “Lagoon Hauntings” Delk, Undoor, others Mentioned in report 209/12/029
209/11/108 A Murder Mystery Clunk, Jett, Petru, Stoella, Zulak Client: Alaine Tillmoor
209/12/002 “Eye of the Serpent” Clunk, Eckhardt, Leetor, Petru, QiRa, Stoella, Zulak Mentioned in report 209/12/109
209/12/016 “Creature of the Night” Hanto, Dillosa, Jurn, Wenzy Mentioned in report 209/12/017
209/12/017 Sleeper Agents Clunk, Eckhardt, Petru, Stoella, Zulak Client: Lockenport Authorities
209/12/029 Lagoon Hauntings Clunk, Eckhardt, Petru, Stoella, Zulak Client: Dunsey Council
209/12/037 Case of the Missing Wagon Angus, Farzel, Leetor, Mi'kaii, Tokodok Client: Transportation Guild
209/12/082 Behir Hunt Acorn, Clunk, Leetor, Stoella, Wizen, Zulak Client: Lord Padrius Hull
209/12/109 Return to the Lezhar Marshlands Clunk, Eckhardt, Leetor, Petru, QiRa, Stoella, Zulak Client: Oltarn Family
209/12/147 Threat of the Undead Horde Clunk, Leetor, QiRa, Stoella, Wizen, Zulak Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/01/034 Defenders of Comack Island Clunk, Petru, Stoella, Ubu, Xavorin, Zulak Non-commissioned mission
210/01/038 Winter Comes Early Ash, Florian, Gloomhol, Petru, Ubu, Xavorin Non-commissioned mission
210/01/069 Defenders of Comack Island II Ash, Corrin, Gloomhol, Petru, Ubu, Zulak Non-commissioned mission
210/01/075 “Capture the Planar Orrery” Bratis, others Mentioned in report 210/01/069
210/01/109 Trouble in Esten Town Angus, Farzel, Jimson, Neris, Rockwood, Wizen Client: Jehendris (Esten Town)
210/01/xxx “Not an Official Mission” At least one dwarf (deceased) The dwarf was definitely not looking for a ring.
210/01/117 The Mysterious "A" Clunk, Farzel, Rockwood, Stoella, Zarra, Zulak Client: Scren Tantol (Lodren's Gate)
210/01/119 Who is in Charge of Esten Town? Ash, Frost, Lark, Luusi, Sha'kar, Zimmijon Client: Jehendris (Esten Town)
210/01/139 “Escort to the Eye” Tiny, Revig, Hawton, the Foral Twins and Nissa Starborn Client: Forecaster's Guild
Mentioned in report 210/02/012H
210/01/147 Into the Pit Ash, Kat, Lark, Luusi, Ubu, Zimmijon Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/01/148 Deeper Into the Pit Angus, Eckhardt, Frost, Ignus, Sha'kar, Xavorin Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/02/002 “Another Pit Mission” Unknown Mentioned in report 210/02/023
210/02/005 Shadow of the Assassin Ash, Ignus, Mi'kaii, Petru, Stoella, Zulak Client: Fisherman's Guild/Karaden Greshtik
210/02/012A Last Stand at Torgenham Ash, Frost, Jimson, Neris, Rockwood, Zimmijon Client: Calderway Treaty obligations
210/02/012H Eye of Ioun Clunk, Dawn, Sha'kar, Stoella, Xavorin, Zarra Client: Calderway Treaty obligations
210/02/023 Once More Into the Pit Ash, Dawn, Petru, Stoella, Zimmijon, Zulak Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/02/038A Allies: Part One Clunk, Eckhardt, Petru, Zulak, Lark, Zimmijon Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/02/038B Allies: Part Two Ash, Hunzu, Ignus, Neena, Sha'kar, Stoella Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/02/057 Assault on the Citadel of the Dead Ash, Clunk, Dawn, Frost, Hunzu, Jimson, Petru, Rockwood, Sha-kar, Stoella, Xav, Zarra, Zimmijon, Zulak (and many others) Voluntary mission
210/04/008 The Wizard Baylund Clunk, Hunzu, Rockwood, Stoella, Zarra, Zulak Client: Lockenport Academy
210/04/009 The Mysterious Box Aldarin, Ashanti, Elfish, Harurku, Leetor, Lugh Client: Lockenport Transportation Guild
210/04/049 Risk Assessment Ash, Dawn, Frost, Grymes, Sha'kar, Zimmijon Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/04/097 A Royal Visit Ash, Grymes, Hunzu, Stoella, Zimmijon, Zulak Client: Arthalus Venkar
210/04/105 The Search for the Alchemist's Spirit Ash, Grymes, Hunzu, Stoella, Zimmijon, Zulak Client: Karaden Greshtik
210/04/151 Who Killed Thobur Goldfist? Elfish, Gloom, Harurku, Hawthorn, Leetor, Six Client: Lockenport Bank
210/04/152 Unfinished Business Clunk, Grymes, Hunzu, Stoella, Zimmijon, Zulak Client: Chancellor Caelynna Elismay
210/05/018 Rescue the Sage Clunk, Faustus, Hunzu, Stoella, Zimmijon, Zulak Client: Congress of Guild Leaders
210/06/002 Unknown Unknown This is a future mission, predicted by Lady Skallows (see 210/02/012H)
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