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Oltarn Family

www.ionicspa.com_medicinal_herbs_guide_2.jpg The Oltarns are one of Lockenport's smaller merchant families. They have built a thriving business harvesting exotic plants from the Lezhar Marshlands, thanks to a long-standing relationship with the dominant Issek tribe of lizardfolk. In return for metal, and metal-working skills, the Oltarns gain the right to harvest valuable herbs from the swamps.

The harvest operation in the marshlands is overseen by Saugren Oltarn, a burly man who smells like the herbs he collects, and who has large, bloodshot eyes most of the time. Saugren Oltarn is based in the town of Tinkett. He has a warforged servant named Detritus.

Fegron Oltarn is a senior member of the family based in Lockenport. He is known to be “generous with the pipeweed” and is a good friend of Tavius Hume who is in charge of the assignments desk in the guildhall of the Lockenport Irregulars.

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