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Orryn Silvertongue

www.wizards.com_dnd_images_pc_portraits_gnome_illusionist_001.jpg An immigrant from the Gnome Holdings, Orryn and his family moved to Lockenport a little more than forty years ago. Before settling in the city, Orryn traveled widely, and he still has good contacts in the elven and dwarven lands. This cosmopolitan background served him well, and Orryn has gained a reputation as a mediator and peace-maker in Lockenport. Although officially retired, his is still often called in to help resolve disagreements between rival merchants, advise on property disputes and even negotiate truces between feuding guilds.

Orryn Silvertongue maintains a low profile but is politically well-connected. He has tried to use his influence to make Lockenport a city more tolerant to different cultures and races than it was when he arrived here four decades ago.

Orryn's only son, Leetor the Maker, is a member of the Lockenport Irregulars. Although this is perhaps not the career that Orryn would have chosen for Leetor, he is very proud of his son's achievements.

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