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The shadar-kai are a strange race native to the Shadowfell. Shorter and thinner than humans, they have skin that varies from dark gray to nearly white and hair that is either drab or pitch black. Notably, shadar-kai have no obvious pupils or whites to their eyes, instead their eyes are inky black. Most shadar-kai make up for their monochrome colorings by wearing exotic clothing, jewelry and weapons, frequently decorated in bright colours. They often dye their hair in vivid tones, and adorn themselves with elaborate tattoos, self-inflicted decorative scars and numerous piercings.

Perhaps as a result of the oppressive nature of their home plane, shadar-kai embrace life with gusto. They embrace physical and emotional extremes and strive to live great stories so that their deeds grant them a form of immortality. They are far from humble about their accomplishments and have a tradition of boasting and talking up their successes, known as “crowing”.

Shadar-kai are rare in Lockenport and the surrounding region. There are perhaps a dozen or so resident in the city, and occasionally a lone traveler passing through. Some say that the shadar-kai are the mortal agents of the Raven Queen and that the presence of one of their kind in a community is a harbinger of death.

The bard Petru is a shadar-kai who was ostracised by his clan, and subsequently became a traveler. He is now a member of the Lockenport Irregulars. The drow ranger Rodakan, also an Irregular, was a student of Calenziz, a famous shadar-kai ranger.

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