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Shadow of the Assassin

Date: Sunday, July 29th, 2012
Players: Andrew, David, Henk, John, Peet, Rich
Level: 9+

Mission Briefing

Guildmaster Hironius Scales was a paranoid man. As the leader of Lockenport's powerful Fisherman's Guild, his influence in the city was substantial, and a man in such a prominent position attracts both enemies and allies. He was well-known amongst Lockenport's elite for his caution when dealing with strangers, and for his considerable investment in well-trained bodyguards and magical protections. Despite this, yesterday morning Hironius Scales was assassinated.

The Guildmaster's preparations were not completely without use though; owing to one of the enchantments he had placed upon him, his assassin also perished. Although the identity of the culprit has not yet been released to the public, rumour has it that the assassin was not a Lockenport local, but an agent of some foreign power. There has been a flurry of debate on which of the River Kingdoms will benefit most from a change in the leadership of the guild.

The goal of the mission it to investigate the assassination, and establish the motivation for the attack. Most of the participants in this mission were hand-selected by the guild to participate, because of their experience or background.

The purse for this mission is 5000 gp per Irregular participating. The purse has been jointly underwritten by the Fisherman's Guild and the merchant Karaden Greshtik, an unusual combination which you expect will be explained further during the mission briefing.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 210/02/005

Irregulars participating: Stoella (1069), Zulak (69), Ignus (8282), Mi'kaii (1919), Petru (486), Ash (1618)

Leader: Petru

Summary: The goal of this mission was to travel to Lorrigun's Ruins to find out why the shadar-kai warlord Jalladen had sent the assassin Meklas to kill Hironius Scales. The group was successful in their mission, making contact with a dragon who seems to be the real power behind Jalladen's maneuvering.

Fatalities: Apparently there are some people living in a village called Auld, near the Crossing Cave, who never die, but just on keep getting older. Compare that to the average lifespan of one of our guild members. Heh. No one died during this mission though.


  • The group avoided some wraiths when passing through the Crossing Cave to the Shadowfell. Probably a good idea.
  • A woman working for Jalladen took them to see him, but only after first introducing them to one of those big ugly fomorian giants. The meeting did not end well for the the giant.
  • Jalladen made them fight something called a “moilian” which they had trouble describing, except that it had “too many arms”.
  • In Lorrigun's Ruins, there was a surprisingly civil dragon, named Ysriskelzan. It claimed responsibility for Scales's assassination, and gave the Irregulars a message to take back to Lockenport: “The Shadow Dragon of Lorrigun's Ruins does not want the lich Vedroth to control Lockenport.”

Declarations: Nothing. Seriously, these guys were in the lair of a dragon but came back completely empty-handed!

Commendations: Lady Nightwhisper was complemented on her exceptional diplomacy skills by her companions. File note: Send a copy of this report to the “Draconic Allies” project at the University.

Leadership: “Inspired!”

Further investigations:

  • The slave trade is still going strong in Lorrigun's Ruins. Some of the team felt that Something Must Be Done about this.
  • Also, apparently Something Must Be Done about those “unnatural” old people who never die.

Accounting notes:

  • 5000 gp award for this mission [source: Fisherman's Guild/Karaden Greshtik]
  • Vial of Essence of Shadow provided by Greshtik for the crossing.

XP notes

| XP notes                                                  |
| Oblivion Wraiths (avoided)                    =    600 XP |
| Fomorian Outcast                              =  2,400 XP |
| Moilian Barrow                                =  5,000 XP |
| Quest: Champions of the Arena                 =  1,200 XP |
| Quest: Meeting Yriskelzan the Shadow Dragon   =  2,400 XP |
| Total                                         = 11,600 XP |
| Per person                                ÷ 6 =  1,933 XP |

Other mission reports

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