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Sleeper Agents

Date: Saturday, December 11th, 2010
Players: Andrew, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Rich
Level: 4+

Guild Announcement

As a result of the Irregulars' skillful investigation of the murder of Nareen Tillmoor and the unravelling of the Tillmoor family's role in the production of the drug Zhar (see A Murder Mystery), the Lockenport Authorities have requested the Guild's assistance with another unsolved mystery.

There has been a recent rash of strange “sleepers” – citizens of Lockenport who have lapsed into a sleep from which they have not woken. The first reported incident occurred twelve days ago, and eight other victims have been reported since then, with a new case reported every day or two. With one exception, the people afflicted have suffered no apparent ill-effects from this condition; they have simply fallen into a deep sleep and cannot be woken up by any means, conventional or magical.

The single exception was also the first case to occur. A builder by the name of Lawkus Brunt died approximately one day after falling into a deep sleep. According to the report, after remaining asleep for a day, Brunt's body began to decay extremely rapidly. His entire corpse rotted away in little more than an hour. Despite this clear difference, the Authorities are currently treating Brunt's death as possibly linked to the other sleeping citizens, and are concerned that the same fate could await them.

This assignment requires that the candidates investigate the sleeping citizens, take whatever steps are necessary to prevent any further inhabitants of Lockenport from succumbing to the condition, and, if possible, restore those currently asleep.

The Lockenport Authorities have offered a purse of 3000 gp to the Irregulars for determining the cause of the mystery slumber, with a bonus of 2000 gp if the sleepers can be restored to consciousness. Because of the strategic importance of this commission to the Irregulars, a further performance bonus of 2000 gp has been attached to the mission by the Guild.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 209/12/017

Irregulars participating: Clunk (4671), Petru (486), Stoella (1069), Zulak (69), Eckhardt (127)

Leader: Petru

Summary: This assignment was to investigate a group of sleeping residents of the city, and restore them to conshu consee wake them up. The group completed both parts of this mission successfully. In addition, during the course of their investigations, they discovered an overlap with another assignment, which was to investigate reports of an orange colored creature roaming the streets at night and determine the cause of a number of missing beggars.

Fatalities: No members of this group died during the mission. (But see also file 209/12/016 regarding Dillosa Tevemtiora and Jurn.)


  • There was a hag involved in the business with the sleepers, but she was apparently granted “diplomatic immunity” and given a present.
  • The orange creature was an agent of the King that Crawls, and it had a contract with the hag to collect souls.
  • There were some wraiths with the orange creature, but they and the orange thing were killed.
  • Also, something about lots of imps. And a cat?
  • There were a number of orphans amongst the sleepers. Apparently the hag helped make sure they were okay.
  • Based on the debriefing, it seems that there is some overlap with a previous case 209/11/108.

Declarations: An amulet, some shards of metal, a chainmail suit, a pouch full of air, an orb of minty minions (which was given to the hag) and a coin of burnt fingers. The group was permitted to keep all of their declared items. Except the orb, obviously. Oh, and Clunk also mentioned a healing potion.

Commendations: The group felt that they had all worked extremely well together and all deserved commendations. (In particular, Zulak “radiated well”.) Hanto Urik also requested that a commendation be noted on behalf of him and his colleagues Wenzy, Dillosa and Jurn for this group's role in recovering the remains of Dillosa and Jurn. Finally, Aswen Flenn, Senior Investigator with the Lockenport Authorities, send through a memo of thanks to be included in this case-file.

Leadership: Petru's leadership was noted as “excellent” by his companions.

Further investigations:

  • Charles Hefter has requested a report from the Guild on the cause of death of someone named “Gina”.
  • Send a crew to search the old temple of Avandra in Old Town. There are some remains there which may need to be identified.

Accounting notes:

  • 5000 gp award paid for this assignment [source: Lockenport Authorities].
  • 2000 gp performance bonus [source: internal finance].
  • 1000 gp award from “Creature of the Night” assignment [source: Hanto Urik's group]
  • The Lockenport Academy sent through a bill for “door repair”. This needs to be investigated further.


  • Eckhardt has now completed sufficient missions for the guild to be offered residency.

XP notes

| XP notes                                      |
| Imps (9 x 150)                      = 1350 XP |
| Tissella, Howling Hag               =  400 XP |
| Ritzik, Tissella's Imp              =  150 XP |
| Wraiths (5 x 200)                   = 1000 XP |
| Skarsk, Wrackspawn Agent of Torag   =  500 XP |
| Quest: Sleeper Agents               =  875 XP |
| Quest: Awaken the Sleepers          =  875 XP |
| Quest: Save the Children!           =  250 XP |
| Total                               = 5400 XP |
| Per person                      ÷ 5 = 1080 XP |

Other mission reports

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