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The Story so Far…

Vedroth the Lich-Lord

A few months ago, a group of Lockenport Irregulars was commissioned to undertake a scouting mission to the region of the mainland known as the Deadlands. In the middle of this desolate region stands the Citadel of the Dead, a towering structure inhabited by the lich-lord Vedroth. The Irregulars were able to ascertain that Vedroth had gathered a fearsome army of undead creatures, and soon afterwards, he began to march south, across the mainland.

With the aid of the lizardfolk tribes inhabiting the Lezhar Marshlands, another group of Irregulars was able to activate an ancient structure known as the Eye of the Serpent to protect part of the swamps against the undead horde. The residents of the town of Tinkett were evacuated to the protection of the Eye before Vedroth's undead army marched through their town.

The residents of the coastal village of Uln were not so lucky, and have reportedly been either massacred or ensorcelled by Vedroth. After ransacking Uln, the lich's undead forces appear to have marched directly into the ocean, and are reportedly heading directly for Comack Island, upon the north shores of which lies the city of Lockenport.

A Merchant with a Mission

Karaden Greshtik is one of the most powerful merchants in Lockenport, and seems to be involved in some way in a great many of the missions undertaken by the Lockenport Irregulars. He seems to have a great interest in both the activities of the lich-lord Vedroth, and in accumulating a number of powerful magical items.

Greshtik himself is a secretive character, and his agents often employ rather ruthless tactics to achieve their goals. Despite this, there is no evidence so far that Greshtik is acting against the interests of the citizens of Lockenport. His long-term motivations remains unclear at this stage.

Signs and portents

During the recent Festival of the Moons, the Brotherhood of the Swan read out five portents for the year ahead: Moons, Star, Death, Darkness and Freedom. Scholars have speculated that the first portent indicates that this year's crossing of the moons has a particular significance for the coming year, but theories on the remaining symbols are as numerous as the members of Lockenport's Forecaster's Guild.

When last visiting Tinkett, two of the Irregulars drank a potent tea made from Ven leaves. These leaves are reputed to offer some form of insight into the future. Both of them entered a deep trance. Upon awakening, Zulak experienced an overwhelming sense of loss, and a fading memory of attending the funeral of someone close to him, while Petru remembered standing with his companions in the midst of a great battle. He recalled a giant blue lizard fighting as an ally against a wall of undead.

Current affairs

News of a possible invasion by Vedroth and his fearsome undead legions has driven Lockenport's citizens into a frenzy. Hoarding of essential goods has caused some prices to sky-rocket, and the Irregulars Guild has had a sharp spike in the number of commissions from merchant families, guilds and other citizens of Lockeport, all of whom want to ensure that their families and business interests are protected against any conflict.

Numerous scouts have been dispatched to patrol the treacherous Badlands on the west coast of Comack Island, since this is generally assumed to be the most likely point of arrival for Vedroth's army. The Irregulars Guild has instructed all its members to make themselves available for as many assignments as possible, and has drafted additional staff to assist with the administration of the Guild.

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