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Tavius Hume

martingoodman.com_soyouwanttobeawriter_uploaded_images_brugghen_northampton_old_man_writing_candlelight-721316.jpg Tavius Hume is in charge of mission assignments for the Lockenport Irregulars. Grey-haired, and absent-minded, Hume spends most of his time in his office in the guildhall, surrounded by piles of parchment, ink wells and writing quills.

He is responsible for keeping track of all missions assigned to guild members, and despite his apparent disorganisation, Tavius has a reputation for being able to find almost any record or report stored in the guild's extensive library. He tends to frequently lose track of time, and the chamber outside his office is dubbed the “Hall of Waiting” because of the amount of time Irregulars spend there, waiting for Hume to call them in to get their assignments. Tavius is assisted by a young, nervous half-elven clerk named Delk.

Tavius is known to be good friends with Fegron Oltarn, and enjoys sharing pipeweed with his friend.

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