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Ubu the Underfoot - Character Sheet

Halfling Paladin, Level 9


Level 9 Retrain: Enfeebling Strike > Bolstering Strike (At-will Power)

Ability Score Mod +½ Lvl
STR 10 +0 +4
CON 11 +0 +4
DEX* 10 +0 +4
INT 10 +0 +4
WIS 16 +3 +7
CHA* 22 +6 +10


  • AC 27
  • Fort 19
  • Ref 19
  • Will 23

Hit Points

  • Max HP 74
  • Bloodied 37
  • Surge Value 18
  • Surges 10


  • Movement 5
  • Initiative +4
  • Passive Insight 22
  • Passive Perception 17

Theme: Fey Beast Tamer

  • Creature: Trained Blink Dog: Mr Jinxy
  • Associated Skill: Nature.
  • Benefits: Summon companion by expending a healing surge

either after a rest, or as a Minor Action. Can either be

guided, or act independently. Enemies within the companion's

aura grant Combat Advantage (Lvl. 5).


  • Size Small
  • Vision Normal
  • Languages Common, Elven
  • Bold +5 Defense Vs Fear
  • Nimble +2 Defense Vs Opportunity Attacks
  • Racial Feat Second Chance
  • Height 3'10''
  • Weight 77lbs
  • Age 34


Score Skill Name Key Mod Trnd Armor Misc
2 Acrobatics Dex 4 0 -4 2
9 Arcana Int 4 5 n/a 0
0 Athletics Str 4 0 -4 0
10 Bluff Cha 10 0 n/a 0
10 Diplomacy Cha 10 0 n/a 0
7 Dungeoneering Wis 7 0 n/a 0
5 Endurance Con 4 5 -4 0
7 Heal Wis 7 0 n/a 0
4 History Int 4 0 n/a 0
12 Insight Wis 7 5 n/a 0
15 Intimidate Cha 10 5 n/a 0
7 Nature Wis 7 0 n/a 0
7 Perception Wis 7 0 n/a 0
9 Religion Int 4 5 n/a 0
0 Stealth Dex 4 0 -4 0
10 Streetwise Cha 10 0 n/a 0
2 Thievery Dex 4 0 -4 2


  • Pact Initiate Warlock: Feypact; Skill Training (Arcana);

Eyebite as Encounter Power

  • Versatile Expertise: Light Blade & Warlock Implements:

+1 to attack rolls with light blades and warlock implements

  • Novice Power: Swap Vengeful Smite for Otherwind Stride
  • Lost in the Crowd: +2 to AC when adjacent to 2+ larger


  • Great Fortitude: +2 to Fortitude

Class Features

  • Channel Divinity: Divine Strength or Divine Mettle
  • Divine Challenge: At-will minor action
  • Lay on Hands: At-will minor action (limited use)
  • Fey Pact Initiate: Can use Warlock implements;

Eyebite as Encounter Power



Second Chance: Encounter, Immediate Interrupt. When hit by

an attack, force attacker to reroll.


Channel Divinity: Encounter, Minor Action. Use either

Divine Strength to add STR mod to next damage roll, or

Divine Mettle to force a creature in Burst 10 to make a

saving throw with a CHA mod bonus.
Divine Challenge: At-will, Minor Action. Mark a target. If

mark attacks an ally, he suffers -2 to attack and takes 3+ CHA

mod Radiant damage. (Divine Sanction is a derivative

function and triggers off of certain powers. The creatures

suffer the same amount of Radiant damage, but not the penalty to

Eyebite: Encounter, Standard. Range 10, CHA Vs Will, One

target. Hit: 1D6 + CHA mod Psychic damage, and you are Invisible

to target until the start of your next round.
Lay on Hands: At-will, Minor Action. Limited use: WIS mod

per day. Melee touch. Spend a healing surge, but ally gains

benefit of his surge value.


Bolstering Strike: At-Will, Standard Action. Melee attack,

CHA vs AC, One target. 1[W] + CHA damage, and you gain WIS

temporary HP.
Virtuous Strike: At-Will, Standard Action. Melee Attack, CHA

vs AC, One target. 1[W] + CHA radiant damage. You gain +2 bonus

to saving throws until your next turn's start. This may be used

as a Basic Attack.


Benign Transposition: Encounter, Standard Action. You and

target Ally within WIS mod squares swop places. If within reach

of an enemy, make a secondary attack: AC vs CHA, 2[W] + CHA mod

Otherwind Stride: Encounter, Standard Action. Close burst 1.

CHA vs Fort. Hit: 1D8 + CHA mod damage, and each hit enemy is

immobilized until end of your next turn. Effect (irrespective of

hit): Teleport 5 + INT mod squares.
Valerous Smite: Encounter, Standard Action. Melee, CHA vs

AC, One target. 2[W] + CHA mod damage. Each enemy within 3

squares is subject to your Divine Sanction.


Majestic Halo: Daily, Standard Action. Melee, CHA vs AC, One

target. 3[W] + CHA mod Radiant damage. Miss: Half damage. Effect

(irrespective of hit): Until the end of the encounter, every

enemy that starts its turn adjacent to you is subject to your

Divine Sanction until end of its turn.
Unyielding Faith: Daily, Standard Action. Melee, CHA vs AC,

One target. 3[W] + CHA mod damage, and the enemy is subject to your Divine Sanction until end of the encounter. Miss: Half

damage. Effect (irrespective of hit): You gain +5 power bonus to defenses vs Charm effects until end of the encounter.
Ray of Reprisal: Daily, Immediate Interrupt. Close Burst 5,

Triggering Enemy - Enemy hits an Ally. CHA vs Fort; Hit: 3d6 +

CHA Radiant damage. Miss: Half Damage. Effect: The Ally takes

half damage from the Enemy's attack.


Divine Counter: Encounter, Immediate Reaction. Trigger: An

enemy hits your Fort, Ref or Will. Effect: Only take half

damage, and the enemy is subject to your Divine Sanction

until the end of its next turn.
Minor Threat: Encounter, Minor Action, Stance. Requirement:

You must be Bloodied. Until the Stance ends, and while you

are Bloodied, you gain a +2 Power bonus to all defenses and



  • Neck: Cloak of Resistance +2
  • Shield: Heavy Shield of Eyes +2
  • Weapon: Pact Blade +2 (Short Sword)
  • Armor: Black Iron Plate +2
  • Waist: Viper Belt
  • Feet: Boots of Jaunting
  • Arms: Bracers of Mighty Striking
  • Ring: Lesser Ring of Feather Fall
  • Misc: Sehanine's Mark of the Dark Moon (Lvl. 3)
  • Misc: Closed Mind (Heroic Tier)
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