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Uggard's Supplies and Equipment Store

Welcome to Quartermistress Uggard's Supplies and Equipment Store! Here is where you can request magic items and gear that is not automatically available, as well as occasionally find some bargains on offer.

Buying items

Quartermistress Uggard has a ready supply of all common items and some low-level uncommon items. Anything listed as “always available” can be automatically purchased for the standard cost price. Items marked as “special request” should be added to the request list below; Uggard can sometimes obtain these items. For items marked as “very special request”, see that section below.

Rarity and level Availability
Common items, level 1-30 Always available
Uncommon items, level 1-10 Always available
Uncommon items, level 11-30 Special request
Uncommon items, level 21-30 Very special request
Rare items, level 1-10 Special request
Rare items, level 11-30 Very special request
Alternative rewards, any level Very special request

Special requests

If you have a special request for Uggard, please add it to this table. Once/if the item can be obtained, the table will be updated accordingly.

Guild member Item requested Rarity Level When requested Status/notes
Grymes Drow House Insignia +3 Uncommon 12 Prior to “Risk Assessment” Obtained. The Drow House Insignia was obtained from someone in Lockenport who has had it for a fairly long time, say, at least thirty years. When selling it, said someone became a little agitated upon realising that it was being sold to a member of the Irregulars Guild, and wanted to conclude the deal rather hastily.
Grymes Gambler's Suit Armor +3 (Leather) Uncommon 11 Prior to “Risk Assessment” Obtained.
Grymes Rogue's Gloves Uncommon 12 Prior to “Not an Official Mission” Obtained from an old thieving buddy of Grymes, Shmulak, who operates from the Lockenport sewers during the events of “Not an Official Mission”.
Zimmijon Bloodstone Spider Uncommon 11 Prior to “Not an Official Mission” Obtained. Zimmijon saw this at the Conjuror's Guild, but it was stolen before Uggard could obtain it. The stolen spider seems to have ended up in Greshtik's lair a short time after the theft, where it was auspiciously found by Zimmijon.
Zulak Cloak of Translocation +3 Uncommon 14 Prior to “Not an Official Mission”
Zulak nagged Uggard again after “Rescue the Sage”.
Pending. Zulak initially wanted to trade his Ring of Winter for this cloak, but Uggard advised him against trading away a personal gift from the Frost Prince, and he changed his mind.
Ash Feytouched Armor (Hide) Uncommon 12 After “Rescue the Sage” Pending

Very special requests

Although Uggard is resourceful, there is a limit to the items she can obtain. Many rare, and some high-level uncommon items are not available via Uggard's connections, and have to be tracked down directly, or a group of junior guild members must be commissioned to find them. Alternative rewards, which are things like favors granted by the gods, also cannot simply be bought. If you are interested in anything listed as a “very special request”, please add it to the table below, and feedback will be provided.

Guild member Item requested Rarity Level When requested Status/notes
Zimmijon Whispers From Beyond alternative reward Uncommon 9 Prior to “The Search for the Alchemist's Spirit” Zimmijon was given an opportunity to claim this reward during the events of “Not an Official Mission”, but had second thoughts and did not do so.
Grymes Sehanine's Mark of the Dark Moon alternative reward Uncommon 13 Prior to “The Search for the Alchemist's Spirit” Grymes obtained this reward during the events of “Not an Official Mission”
Grymes Black Star Pendant +3 Rare 15 Prior to “Not an Official Mission” Grymes changed his mind and decided it would be too difficult and time-consuming to pursue this pendant.
Zimmijon Stone of Spirit Rare 12 Prior to “Not an Official Mission” Zimmijon commission the Irregulars to fine this stone, and was willing to pay a premium price of 16900 gp. This mission was initially marked as “overdue”, but successful returned with the stone, which was promptly delivered to Zimmijon after “Rescue the Sage”, along with a note saying “Fun mission. Would be willing to undertake more commissions.”

Special offers

This space is where Uggard will list any items currently available at a special price, or items that are more readily available than usual. If you buy an item which is only available in limited quantities, please update the table to record how many are left after your purchase.

Item Rarity Level Sale price Notes
Elixir of Treasure Finding Uncommon 15 500 gp Special Irregulars promotion: Available in unlimited quantities at 50% of normal cost.
Elixir of Water Breathing Common 18 1700 gp Overstocked, 12 doses available at 50% of normal cost.

Selling items

It is always possible to sell an item to Uggard, for either cash, store credit or (for more expensive items) Lockenport letters of credit. Depending on the level and rarity of the item being sold, Uggard might not pay full price for it.

Rarity and level Can be sold for…
Common items, level 1-30 20% of cost
Uncommon items, level 1-10 20% of cost
Uncommon items, level 11-30 50% of cost
Rare items, level 1-10 50% of cost
Rare items, level 11-30 100% of cost

Making items

Using the Enchant Magic Item ritual, all common and some uncommon items can be created. Remember that a ritual caster can only create items up to his or her own level. See the ritual description for more details.

Rarity and level Can be created?
Common items, level 1-30 Yes
Uncommon items, level 1-10 Yes
Uncommon items, level 11-30 No
Rare items, level 1-30 No

Upgrading items

Thanks to an agreement with the Lockenport Academy, Uggard can arrange for any item to be upgraded to a high-level version of the same item, provided that the new version is no higher than level 20. The Enchant Magic Item ritual can also be used to upgrade items up to the caster's level.

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