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Zimmijon T'sarran

Zimmijon is a half-drow shaman, and an aberrant soul. After leaving his tribal home, and travelling the Underdark, he continues his vision quest to find his place in the world, to understand the silent wispers, to control the aberrant totem of the Far Realm… and to keep his sanity….

About Zimmijon


Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?

I was born in a tribal village near the River Kingdoms, to a human mother. My mother was captured and repeatedly raped by the captain of a Drow slaver party that had been raiding near my mother’s home town. My mother managed to eventually escape, and returned home. I was born eight months later.

Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?

My mother’s husband abandoned us just after I was born and we had to fend for ourselves. He could not come to terms with what had happened to my mother; the baby with the dark skin and pointed ears was a continuous reminder of how my mother had been violated.

What are your religious beliefs?

Since a small child, I have heard the whisperings of the elemental spirits: the spirits of the wind, of rock and flame, river and lightning. And sometimes, I could also hear a whispering… a whispering with no sound. Pannan Wolfspeed, the tribe’s shaman, took pity on me, and trained me in the ways of the spirit world. I knew I was talented, but sometimes, out of the corner of my eye, I would see Pannan looking at me, his face full of concern. At my coming of age, Pannan told me that my vision quest would be to learn the history of my father, to search out my past, and so find my future. And so, I entered the Underdark for the first time, with only my spirit guide to accompany me.

Do you have any famous ancestors?

I after spending some time living with the Drow, I learned that my father, of clan T'sarran, was a powerful Warlock. He has a very strong connection with the Far Realm, trading in diabolical power. Had he been born female, he would have rose quickly to a position of power.

What sort of education or training have you had?

From the humans, I learned the ways of the nature and the spirit world.

From the Drow, the ways of the elements, a little arcana, and survival skills for the Underdark. I did not stay with the Drow for more than a few years: as a hald-breed, and a male, I was considered worthless. Without my spirit guide to warn me, I could have been murdered many a time.

Do you have a trade (other than “adventuring”)?

When I was young, I used to sell charms to pay my way.

Do you have many enemies?

Ahlysaaria T'sarran may still be hunting me to remove the stain I bring to clan T'sarran.

What style of clothes do you favour?

I wear clothes that that reflect my mixed heritage, scale armour of Drow make, and a cloak as black as the Underdark, with the trapping of my tribe and the spirit world.

Have you ever killed someone?

You have to kill to survive the Underdark.

What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?

There is a lot less murder and extortion than in the Drow cities of the Underdark.

Zimmijon's Journal

Who is in Charge of Esten Town?

My spirit guides speak… and I listen. They speak of a path of darkness that must be followed, for at the end of the path is light. The spirits teach that if not for the darkness, we would not be able to see the light. There is only one who has a chance to successfully walk this path: the son of the light and the dark, of a fair-skinned human and a dark-skinned drow. The spirits whisper a name: Lockenport.

I have travelled the paths of the Underdark that are below Comack Island and arrived at the infamous port city. I have not dreamed in days; the spirits must be content - except for Tss’ktzzr. When not attentive, I can feel the spirit probing my mind, looking for weakness, for a way to escape; but it is necessary to touch the darkness, to feel the light. Tss’ktzzr is my weapon.

Two nights later the spirits again invade my sleep… with visions of death… the undead roam the lands, the sea… an ally in disorder… a water bridge… a cliff.

I do not understand these visions, but the Lockenport Irregulars are looking for adventurers to go to Esten Town. Mayhaps I will find meaning there.

Into the Pit

1st entry

A vision quest, or perhaps too many mushrooms: In the depths of the darkness there is light… a light not at the end of a tunnel, but at the end of a cave… a lizard wears a crown… Tss’ktzzr’s tentacles emerge from desert sand, and sink into my brain and my soul is devoured. In the desert there is no sun, only darkness! For the darkness engulfs the world… a friend helps lost companions in a time of need.

I trust in my guides. My leadership on the mission to Eston Town helped save the town from near certain doom from the undead invaders, and a new mayor was appointed.

The Irregulars Guild again calls for assistance for The Pit is to be opened for the first time since 187.

2nd entry

We have entered The Pits, fighting sturges whilst descending on ropes into the depths. We passed fields of fungus, searching for the entrance to the Troglodyte lair (is this the lizard of my vision quest?). However, we were set upon by a tentacled monster that attacked us from beneath the silt floor of the cave. The battle did not proceed well, but Tss’ktzzr was able to provide enough distraction to allow the party to manage to escape. We sit in a cave, high above the silt floor, tending our wounds. We still need to find the crown and return to the surface.

There are some interesting markings in the cave. Have the drow been here before?

Pondering this question, I fell into a deep sleep… the Pit is bottomless… spiders swarm up from a gaping mouth… a sacrifice of blood for aberrant creatures… horrid Grell… ice fills the Pit… no one is left on the world, it is covered by snow, and only undead walk the frozen wastes…

For some inexplicable reason I know that this is not a vision of my own future, but I know now that there is some connection between the Pit and the Far Realm. The Grell are active here. If I survive this mission, I will need to return at the soonest opportunity to explore this, for I am certain that the powers of the Far Realm can be used to combat Vedroth.

Last Stand at Torgenham

The vision quest: orcs fire arrows… giants fling rocks… the arrows turn into crows and feast on the dead for Torgenham is no more… a corn field filled with crows, where is the scarecrow? I am filled with despair, the Far Realm is close, closer than I ever though: Tss’ktzzr psionic touch enters my mind… I construct a mental tower… a tower… a tower and a wall in my mind… the tower can be defended and the people saved… the orcs are our enemy, the orcs are our allies… orc against orc… the druid and the chieftan… the witch is which… the legend is no legend

Since returning from the Pit I have scoured Lockenport looking for clues on the Far Realm. I have consulted with the Warlock’s Guild, but they are not prepared to assist me. They keep their knowledge to themselves. There is a clue in this vision of the Grell, I must just come to understand it. But before I have had much time for my investigations the alarms in Lockenport sound.

Evacuation of Torgen Pass

The threat that Vedroth poses grows ever greater. We have managed to save many of the citizens of Comack Island, but Vedroth continues to gather allies: the orcs, the giants, who knows what other powers he has recruited? We have retrieved the Crown of the Brilliant Sun and Bracelet of the Radiant Storm from the Pit, but even these artefacts will not be enough to stand against Vedroth’s power. We will need allies, our own army. Tss’ktzzr whispers of the Grell and other aberrant creatures, not allies but powers of the Dark Dark realm that we can send against Vedroths forces. With the entrance to the Pit within Lockenport there must be a portal that can be exploited. I must learn more of this Pit. The taint is a risk that is worth the cost. There may be other members of the Morphic Web in Lockenport that could assist me. I must seek them out.

Once More Into the Pit

The vision quest: a hall of the drow holds a giant chess board, and the pawns are all irregulars… boots of lightning walk on a field of clouds… clouds of mist… a misty swamp and witch who fears fire… I am being swallowed, swallowed in a cave of purple that leads to the Far Realm… Tss’ktzzr and I feast on the brains of an insignificant half-breed… I have never eaten a better tasting meal.

As my power grows, I am more certain of the need to find allies of the Morphic Web.

Assault on the Citadel of the Dead

1st entry

It is the day of the assault against Vedroth and my vision quest has totally failed. I have seen nothing, not even blackness. The spirits can clearly provide no guidance for the upcoming battle, and clearly I will need to provide leadership to the team during the assult. Why have the failed me now in this time of greatest need? The future must be very uncertain.

2nd entry

We have returned, Vedroth defeated by a team of eight. Many died in the assault on his fortress: the place was overrun by the spirits of the dead.

My visioning has returned, more powerful than before; perhaps assisted by the many spirits I encountered that day. And, I have been awarded the Freedom of Lockenport, a half-drow.

But it seems we face an even greater threat than Vedroth…

Risk Assesment

The vision quest: Down into the pit… an eye opens… I wear a crown of leaves… spiders crawl up my legs, and arms to my face where their fangs pierce my lips and I scream… an Underdark city led by a queen… the sun rises… it is Dawn… but no, I am mistaken: the sun is setting and darkness swallows the Dawn.

A Royal Visit

The vision quest: Questions… question… questions… Are there answers? Allies or adversaries. A golden acorn grows into a worldtree beset with rot. An elf, dressed in royal attire, smiles and then frowns. A hag triumphant and the gates closed… A monitor lizards steps onto a frozen lake and then shatters into a million fragments.

It seems that my leadership may be sorely tested on this upcoming mission.

Zimmijon's Statistics

Zimmijon T'sarran , level 8

Zimmijon T'sarran , level 9

Zimmijon T'sarran , level 10

Zimmijon T'sarran , level 11

Zimmijon T'sarran , level 12

Zimmijon T'sarran , level 13

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