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Acorn Claypot


Acorn is a halfling rogue. He is a recent addition to the Lockenport Irregulars, but has extensive previous adventuring experience as a veteran of the Red Hand of Doom campaign in the northern valelands. He was once eaten by a behir (he tried to reason with it first). He wandered to Lockenport not long after that.

Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?

Must have been elsewhere. Definitely elsewhere.

What are your religious beliefs?

Same as most other halflings, I guess. Forgiving people who have made mistakes. I make lots of mistakes, so I believe in this religiously. I mean, it's not your fault if you were born a spider, it's how you behave afterward that matters.

Do you have any famous ancestors?

My gran lived for nearly 300 years!

What sort of education or training have you had?

Everything I know I learned during my life. I train courses in 'staying alive' just about every day, so I think I'm somewhat of am expert on that. Moving fast is very important.

Do you have a trade (other than “adventuring”)?

I might have an alternative career in sheep.

Do you have many enemies?

Me? Everybody loves me. I bet I tasted good even to the behir who didn't want to talk.

What style of clothes do you favour?

Comfortable ones. I am also partial to magic armour, especially magic armour won by answering riddles!

Have you ever killed someone?

Do you mean humans or anything that's alive or anything that should be dead? If yes, then yes. Lots. Bear in mind that they all wanted to kill me first, mostly for no reason other than me being in front of them.

What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?


Acorn's Journal

So today I left home for the first time and EVERYBODY turned out to see me go and wave me goodbye!

Joined up with a group of adventurers. One of them is a very cute dwarf, gets surly when I get too close. She must like me.

Jumping off a cliff is only fun on the way down.

Ooooh! I answered this riddle and got some really neat armour!!!

I've made friends with this really cool little goblin. Do I need to mention that I hate the undead?

The priests sacrificed all the villagers in a lake of blood. We couldn't save them. I feel sick.

Don't talk to ME about tentacles and the Gates to Hell.

Today I was eaten by a Behir. Not really eventful, otherwise.

It was a pity she turned out to be an evil Spider woman, I liked her.

I must leave - Synn will kill herself over love for me.

Made it to Lockenport and joined the Irregulars. Ale is not bad here, must find a better place to sleep than the stables.

There was something fishy with the Behir we were supposed to capture on my first Lockenport Irregulars mission. It talked back. So I did the obvious thing, which was to refuse to capture him, look after his health and abandon the mission. My heart was sore anyway, having lost Beatrice and Gertrude to some frightful dogs. Anyway, there is lots of good news. I liked my team mates, they all seemed very smart and none of them threatened to kill me. A wonderful lady called Stoella, and a heavy guy called Clunk (he has NO pockets), a gnome called Leetor who was our leader (he can make pockets, he agreed about letting the behir go - as did Clunk - although why Leetor wanted me to jump in the river still puzzles me. He is our leader though so I'm sure he had a good reason). There was this one guy I can't remember his name, he kept healing me, and some other blokes too. Maybe I'll see them again and they'll tell me their names. More good news is that the horses in the stable are unable to eat the circlet I got from the faery queen. I really MUST find better lodgings.

[XP awarded 2011-05-01]

Today I learned a lot. I never realised how much I love being clean. Helping out at the festival was dirty business and the jellyfish were early. Or the moons were late. Or someone is casting a spell and exhausting themselves. But I'm getting ahead of myself; it was a WONDERFUL day! I was with Leetor today again and a real barbarian princess who sure knows her horses and how to bludgeon undead things. We all did another play (Leetor is very good at this, he should apply to the actor's guild), I played the hero and Angus played the bad guy and Ashanti (he has pockets in her clothes) exploded so prettily. I also had a minor explosion later (REALLY I only ate just one small blue flower!) but since I was in the sewers at the time I could not have been better placed. But before the nasty undead centipedes we rescued a gnome in the boat that was on top of a temple. Ooooh that was so much fun - Angus and I climbed up the temple and Leetor built a slide. I wish I could balance on that slide again. And Ashanti grabbed a grappling hook that fell out of mid-air! If it weren't for that, one little girl would've had a close encounter with a dentist. I love ropes and upside down dangling gnomes. I am an art connoisseur too - all that hanging around with knowledgeable halflings has rubbed off! And Suarez the Cannibal should really not be put in a haggling position, because he's much better at fighting and making my fights easier. I should advise him on this in a delicate way. I was thinking I would say something like “Suarez! Stick with me! I'll haggle, you make the first move in a fight!” I think that would work better than telling him never to buy anything again.

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