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Arikalos is a steel dragon who was encountered by a group of Irregulars near the village of Dunsey in the south of Comack Island. He was in the region hunting a long-time foe – a lamia named Nizzelia. According to the dragon, many years ago Nizzelia tricked him into triggering a powerful curse which prevented Arikalos from harming or attacking her. Then she killed his adventuring companion, Ruxawn, and stole her form. The dragon pursued her to Comack Island, and there fell in with the “Dunsey Freedom Fighters” – a group of youngster unhappy with Mayor Lawk's leadership of their village.

Arikalos seemed to have a strong dislike of tyranny, and wanted to help the rebels free their village from the Mayor. However, the dragon also seemed to have a secondary agenda, and he admitted that he was training the rebels to assist him in destroying Nizzellia. When he met the group of Irregulars, these plans changed, and working together, they were able to hunt and destroy the evil lamia.

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