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Crypt of the Dragon Prince

Date: Saturday, June 19th and Saturday, June 26th, 2010
Players: Andrew, Daniël, Henk, Hertzog, Peet, Rich
Level: 2

Guild Announcement

Dean Darius Cargill is in charge of the Faculty for Draconic Studies at Lockenport University. When news reached the University of the discovery of a previously unrecorded burial chamber marked with draconic runes, Dean Cargill commissioned the Lockenport Irregulars to escort him back to the badlands to investigate the crypt.

The Guildhall notice specifies that the Irregulars who discovered the crypt will be given special preference for this mission. The assignment has been given a medium danger rating, because the crypt is known to be guarded by spirits of some sort. Irregulars with expertise or experience in dealing with spirits are also sought.

The assignment is to escort Dean Darius Cargill to the draconic burial chamber recently discovered in the Badlands, protect him from the spirits reported there, and return him safely to Lockport once he has explored the chamber.

Dean Cargill has specified that the expedition should be prepared for a stay of up to ten days once at the crypt. The University has provided a purse of 1200 gp for the mission. Equipment expenses for the mission are expected to be covered from this purse, with the balance accruing to the Irregulars upon the safe return of the Dean.

Gralik's Mission Report

Case number: 209/11/053

Irregulars participating: Stoella (1069), Zulak (69), Wizen Jnr (1077), Eckhardt Swan (127), Petru (486), Clunk (4671)

Leader: Eckhardt

Summary: The group's mission was to escort Dean Darius Cargill to a recently discovered draconic crypt, protect him from the spirits found there and return him safely to Lockenport. According to the debriefing, there was a change of plans, as someone else had reached the crypt first. The group pursued this group across the Badlands, to the town of Stitch, where they successfully retrieved the greatsword “Venthir”.

Fatalities: None, for a change.


  • The Irregulars claim to have fought hippogriffs and a gawth garwth gorth floating eye-stalk creature.
  • In Stitch, there was a run in with Tarragon the Dark Knight and a fire genasi sorcerer named Carr Ristradis. Apparently a deal was struck with Tarragon, which resulted in the genasi's death.
  • Tarragon was working with a large group, including a minotaur and a half-orc. One member of his group was slain by the eye-stalk thing.
  • Dean Cargill provided the Guild with a gushing letter of commendation.

Declarations: A cloak of the walking wounded and a dragon shield of protection. The Dean scarpered back to the University with “Venthir” before the group had an opportunity to declare that. [An appropriate note was added to the University's client file.]

Commendations: The group's leader, Eckhardt was commended by his companions.

Leadership: See above. A comment was also made that Eckhardt likes to gamble with his companions' safety. I wasn't sure if this was meant as a compliment or a criticism, but who doesn't like a good wager?

Further investigations:

  • Does Tarragon's group pose any threat to the Guild's activities in Stitch?
  • Ristradis's mining activities sound suspicious. Might be worth further investigation.

Accounting notes:

  • 1200 gp purse awarded for this assignment [source: Lockenport University]
  • 600 gp in credit letter issued during mission briefing
  • Balance of 600 gp paid out during debriefing.

XP notes

| XP notes: Session 1                           |
| Prince Neveen, Dragonborn Wraith    =  300 XP |
| Wisp Wraiths (7 x 50)               =  350 XP |
| Hippogriff pack (5 x 200)           = 1000 XP |
| Gauth                               =  600 XP |
| Quest: Protect the village          =  125 XP |
| Total                               = 2375 XP |
| Per person                      ÷ 6 =  396 XP |
| XP notes: Session 2                           |
| The River Yarne                     =  625 XP |
| Minotaur Thug                       =  400 XP |
| Half-Orc Hunters (3 x 200)          =  600 XP |
| Ila, Cleric of Bane                 =  300 XP |
| Human Guards (6 x 150)              =  900 XP |
| Carr Ristradis, Fire Genasi         =  350 XP |
| Block, Warforged Captain            =  250 XP |
| Quest: Crypt of the Dragon Prince   =  750 XP |
| Quest: Who got here before us?      =  125 XP |
| Total                               = 4300 XP |
| Per person                      ÷ 6 =  717 XP |

Other mission reports

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