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Dunsey is a village in the south of Comack Island, on the northern banks of Turle Lagoon. It has a population of approximately 800, with humans and half-elves the dominant races. The village is walled, with several jetties and docks located outside of the walls. Most of the residents of Dunsey are farmers, fisherman, or goat herders.

The village is governed by the Dunsey Council, a group of town elders including Kalen Tawn (Delk's uncle), the elderly vicar (Toberos) and a half-elven herbalist named Urial Hannaway. In charge of the village council is Mayor Lawk. The mayor is not very popular with the younger residents of Dunsey, owing to his rather heavy-handed approach to recent problems in the region.

Dunsey has been plagued by a series of recent challenges, including a nearby ghoul lair, a disease inflicted by a cult and a predatory lamia. During this troubled time, some of the younger residents formed a group known as the “Dunsey Freedom Fighters” to protest Mayor Lawk's disbanding of the village council. They set-up camp in the forests to the west of Dunsey and allied with a traveller named Arikalos, who provided them with combat training.

Thanks to the intervention of a group of Lockenport Irregulars, peace has now returned to Dunsey, the council has been reinstated and the young rebels have returned to the village.

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