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Fisherman's Guild

One of the most powerful guilds in Lockenport is the Fisherman's Guild. Its full title is the “Allied Fisherman, Boatwright, Pearl Diver and Dockworker's Guild” and it encompasses nearly all citizens of Lockenport who make their living from the oceans.

The guild oversees the fishing (and related) industries in Lockenport, influencing prices for exported goods, and taking responsibility for importing fish from the mainline during the rare instances when the harvest around Comack Island falls short of the city's needs. They ensure that the waters around the island are not over-fished, and manage the permits required by all pearl divers. As with most of the city guilds, the Fisherman's Guild also collects taxes from all of its members, to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of Lockenport.

As well as overseeing matters of business, the Guild takes the the safety of its members seriously, and has often commissioned the Lockenport Irregulars to investigate fishermen who have disappeared while at sea. They also take care of the families of deceased guild members.

The guild has a good relationship with most of the city's other guilds, but there is sometimes tension with merchant families, some of whom resent the guild's control on trade and exports.

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