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Trouble in Esten Town

Date: Sunday, December 27th, 2011
Players: Bretton, Daniël, David, Henk, Hertzog, Peet
Level: 6+

Mission Briefing

All is not well in Esten Town. Thanks to the leadership of the Congress of Guild Leaders, the citizens of Lockenport have, for the most part, rallied together to prepare the city from the looming threat of Vedroth's undead forces. However, the leadership of Comack Island's second largest settlement seems to be far less effective, and Esten Town's defenses are reportedly in disarray.

Disturbingly, word has reached the Irregulars that there may be a more sinister reason for the town's ill-preparedness that mere incompetence. Intelligence reports indicate that Mayor Roon and his staff may be deliberately sabotaging efforts to prepare Esten Town for a possible attack by Vedroth's legions. This is of great concern to Lockenport's guilds, since the town is the only major settlement between Vedroth's encampments on the west of the island and Lockenport City.

The goal of this mission is to investigate the situation in Esten Town, find out if the reports of deliberate sabotage by the Mayor's office are true, and if so, take any steps necessary to remedy the situation. This is a politically sensitive mission, since Lockenport is historically careful not to be seen to interfere too closely in the affairs of Esten Town. Irregulars participating in this mission will need to balance diplomacy and restraint against the need to ensure that Esten Town is properly prepared for any attack.

There is a 1500 gp purse associated with this mission, plus a bonus of 1000 gp if the Irregulars can achieve their goal without too much political fall-out.

Uggard's Mission Report

Case number: 210/01/109

Irregulars participating: Angus (1918), Rockwood (808), Neris (4019), Jimson (666), Wizen (1077), Farzel (2223)

Leader: Neris plus one.

Summary: The group succeeded in their primary mission, which was to investigate (carefully), the Mayor's office in Esten Town for evidence of sabotage. They helped stop an attempt to poison the town's water supply via the aqueduct. Then, based on new intelligence, their mission was extended to investigate imminent danger to Lodren's Gate. In Lodren's Gate, the Irregulars found and deactivated a device blocking magical communications. The device appeared to be under the control of an illithid.

Fatalities: Mayor Roon's wife, Dame Prusp.


  • Preparations for an undead attack in Esten Town are confirmed to be in a dismal state.
  • Ilor Grask, the Mayor's secretary/assistant came across in the report as surprisingly competent. We should keep in contact with him. See note to Cay Jeminor.
  • It seems our changeling friend Kreelo is up to his old tricks again. He had replaced the Mayor's wife and was influencing events in a dangerous manner. I will have to remind Tarn about him.
  • Jill Tundar (Irregulars Esten Town office) authorized an extension of this mission to include Lodren's Gate. She sent copies of some decoded notes recovered from Kreelo. I must remember to thank Jill for that Turathi dagger.
  • Rissel Tapp's army appears to be holding its own against the undead, thanks to Lodren's Gate's walls. Some early casualties have been reported though.
  • During a fight with an illithid, some of the group claimed to have had their brains eaten. It was difficult to tell exactly who, at least from their debriefing.
  • Rockwood seems rather full of himself. I will investigate some of his more outrageous claims later.
"When Celian is half waning and Musore is half waxing, put the aqueduct plan into action.
Esten Town and Lodren's Gate must both fall that night."  (A)
"When Celian is half waning and Musore is half waxing, active the dampening orb.
Our undead allies will strike at midnight."  (A)

Declarations: An as-yet unconfirmed dampening sphere, broken. Looks like it is powered by blood. Needs to be investigated by Yozian Tammelnor.

Commendations: Jahendris send a letter commending this group's bold actions in protecting Esten Town. The Mayor's office also sent a polite thank you note, acknowledging the “sterling support” provided by the Irregulars staff. Scren Tantol supplied a note of thanks along with his report on the illithid incident. Farzel thought he should be commended for “walking on water”, “private hypnotism displays” and “killing a magic orb”. Not too much support from his companions, particularly for the hypnotism displays.

Leadership: “I was impressed.” “A bit autocratic!”

Further investigations:

  • Does Jahendris still have Kreelo captured? If not, what happened to him? Is Jahendris still Jahendris?
  • Lodren's Gate remains partially besieged by ghouls. Need to speak to Tarn about helping Scren and this Rissel Tapp person.
  • Who is “A”?

Accounting notes:

  • 1,500 gp award for this mission [source: Jahendris]
  • 1,000 gp bonus for completing it without political fallout [source: Jahendris]
  • 1,500 gp award for mission extension [source: Irregulars Esten Town office]
  • Claim from one “Garron Targol, Esten Town” for damages to his boat, incurred whilst on urgent business on behalf of the Irregulars. Includes a significant amount for “recapture of elementals”.

XP notes

| XP notes                                                |
| Mezzoloths (4 x 300)                        =  1,200 XP |
| Bloodseep Demon                             =    300 XP |
| Kreelo, Changeling                          =  1,000 XP |
| Snaketongue Vampire                         =    500 XP |
| Water Elementals (2 x 300)                  =    600 XP |
| Archers (4 x 500)                           =  2,000 XP |
| Archer Commander                            =    400 XP |
| Club Spinners (2 x 500)                     =  1,000 XP |
| Alaria, Dimensional Mage                    =    350 XP |
| Mindflayer                                  =  1,000 XP |
| Quest: What's Going on in Esten Town        =  1,500 XP |
| Quest: What's Going on in Lodren's Gate     =  1,500 XP |
| Quest: Protect the Aqueduct                 =    300 XP |
| Total                                       = 11,650 XP |
| Per person                              ÷ 6 =  1,942 XP |

Other mission reports

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