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Dwarves are one of the more widespread races, and can be found in most large towns and cities. Scattered around the continent to the north of Lockenport are isolated mountain settlements where dwarves are the dominant inhabitants, but in most places they are in a minority. Dwarves tend to be skilled artisans and reliable mercenaries, so they are usually welcome residents. In Lockenport City, the bank (or more correctly the “Loans, Securities and Financial Services Guild”) is operated by a dwarven clan, known for their incorruptibility.

Legend has it that dwarves originated on the landmass which lies some weeks by boat to the east of Lockenport. There, the ancient dwarven clans and the mighty minotaur kingdoms have clashed for centuries. It is believed the dwarves of those distant lands were responsible for the creation of the first warforged, as an instrument in their war.

The gnome Leetor the Maker spent some time as a child growing up amongst a fierce tribe of dwarves. During this time, he joined dwarven guarding parties patrolling the mountains to dispatch raiding monsters.

Sunny Rockcleaver is a dwarf from the northern town of Hammerfast. She is a member of the Knights of the Serpent, who are currently adventuring in the Nentir Vale.

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