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Halflings stand about four feet tall, and have the proportions of human adults. Most halflings have dark hair and eyes, and both genders often wear complicated hairstyles. Males don't have beards, but many have long sideburns. They prefer simple, comfortable, and practical clothes, usually in earth tones and various shades of green. Unlike members of most races, they prefer actual comfort to shows of wealth. Halflings have lifespans comparable to humans.

Lockenport is such a mishmash of races and cultures that halflings are not an unusual sight. They are also common across the mainland, and they dominate the River Kingdoms to the north of the Torgen mountains. Communities of halflings are tight knit. They have an affinity to water, and usually dwell near rivers or large bodies of water, often building their livelihoods on travel or commerce along the waterways. Halfling adventurers tend to be brave and faithful companions, relying on stealth and trickery in battle rather than raw might or magic.

Irregulars who are halflings include Acorn Claypot. He is a recent addition to the Lockenport Irregulars, but has extensive previous adventuring experience as a veteran of the Red Hand of Doom campaign in the northern valelands. Halflings as a race are generally a lot wiser than Acorn. That is, they tend to learn from their mistakes and are street-wise at a young age.

Corrin is a halfling member of the Knights of the Serpent. He grew up with his family and extended family upon the waterways connected to Lakes Wintermist and Nen, in the Nentir Vale, far to the north of Lockenport.

Another new addition to the Lockenport Irregulars is Ubu the Underfoot, paladin of Sehanine, also known as one of the Knights of the Autumn Leaves. After the rumours of a growing undead horde was confirmed, Ubu decided to join the irregulars to help stem the tide.

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