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www.freewebs.com_vhaeraun_devildrowlarge.jpg Were you born in Lockenport, or elsewhere?

Memories of a troubled childhood haunt Rodakan's dreams, and not very much is clear to him of where he was born. It was definitely not Lockenport, this much he knows.

Do you have a big family? Do you stay in touch with them?

Rodakan never knew his family, it makes him just as sad as it makes him angry! Did they abandon him, or did something sinister happen to them - as he has been told? This is partly why he quests to find answers, and possibly avenge their deaths if the tales he has been told are true.

What are your religious beliefs?

Rodakan is unaligned but does toast to Kord (the Storm God and Lord of the battle) and constantly seeks his favour by proving his might in battle.

Do you have any famous ancestors?


What sort of education or training have you had?

Grew up first in an orphanage in the lands to the North (where he acquired many street-smarts), and when he was old enough, became the student of Calenziz, the most renowned shadar-kai ranger in all these lands, who is his mentor and was teaching him, when Calenziz instructed Rodakan to walk the lands (as part of his tutorship) until he felt ready to return.

Do you have a trade (other than “adventuring”)?

Rodakan is a merchant prince, the only guy who can get you spiderhaunt silk within 10 leagues of here.

Do you have many enemies?

I suppose an easier question to pose is does he have any friends (other than Borraka, his long tooth Polar bear)?

What style of clothes do you favour?

Rodakan does what he does in style, only the finest leathers and robes of soft mohair, silk and the like.

Have you ever killed someone?

Kord has favoured Rodakan on the battle field many a time, yes.

What is your opinion of the Lockenport authorities?

Authority, what is that?

Rodakan's Journal

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