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Sites of Lockenport

Gate Ward

Undermountain and Sons

Location Notes
Alcor's Stables The stables provide equine lodging facilities. Alcor also buys and sells horses and other mounts.
Granaries These large structures store grain grown in the lands outside the city walls.
Guardhouse #2 This guardhouse serves the Gate Ward.
Irregulars' Lodge A building on the western outskirts of the city that houses some members of the Irregulars Guild. It is run by a friendly elven woman named Pella. Stoella is resident in room seven.
Lockenport Academy A sprawling set of buildings not far from the Irregulars' Lodge. At night (and sometimes during the day), it is a frequent source of strange noises and unusual light shows.
Luxury apartments Tinka de Mentis owns these upmarket apartments. They are often used by visiting dignitaries.
Undermountain and Sons A smithy where Clunk is a regular patron. “Nae job too great or too small.”

Guild Ward

Location Notes
Copper Hall This building is the headquarters for the Lockenport's Beggars' Guild.
The Eyrar The headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Swan.
Guardhouse #6 This guardhouse serves the Guild Ward.
Irregulars' Guildhall Headquarters of the Lockenport Irregulars.
Lockenport University These buildings house the many faculties of the city's university.

Lower Docks

Location Notes
Fish Market The bounty of the ocean around Comack Island is available for sale at this busy market near the docks.
Flophouse A large, somewhat rundown building serves as a resting place for dockworkers and fisherman who do not have permanent homes elsewhere in the city.
Guardhouse #7 This guardhouse serves the Lower Docks.

Merchant Ward

Location Notes
Feldor the Tailor Feldor's is located on Daisy Street. Zulak is a regular customer.
Guardhouse #3 This guardhouse serves the Merchant Ward.
Lockenport Apothecary The apothecary is owned and run by Riceak. Stoella worked here when she first arrived in Lockenport.
Lockenport Bank Operated by a reputedly incorruptible dwarven clan.
Market Square A noisy, bustling square where much of Lockenport's trade is conducted. Stalls and market stands spill out of the market area into the surrounding streets and alleys.
Oltarns' Herbs and Plants A small shop where some of the herbs imported by the Oltarn family are available for sale.
Apartments Tinka de Mentis offers well-maintained apartments for Lockenport's middle classes.

Old Town

Location Notes
Abandoned Temple of Avandra This was used as a base by a wrackspawn servant of Torog in A Murder Mystery.
Guardhouses #8 and #9 These two guardhouses serve the Old Town.
Orphanage The orphanage is run by an unpleasant shadar-kai woman called Miss Pemfrin.
Sewers A pack of wererats has a lair in the sewers beneath Old Town. Tussiq, the White Rat, is their albino leader.
Tannery This smelly building is located at the far edge of Old Town.
Tillmoor's Stocks and Supplies A building once used by the Tillmoor family to create the drug “zhar”. Now an abandoned building.
Warehouses A large number of warehouses of various sizes are scattered across Old Town.
The Webbed Foot A rather seedy gambling den operated by the Brotherhood of the Swan.

Park Ward

Location Notes
Cemetery A sprawling cemetery serves as the final resting place of many past residents of Lockenport.
The Park Most of this ward consists of a large park. In years gone by it has been well maintained, but it has fallen into a slight state of disrepair in recent times.

River Ward

Location Notes
Burly Wench Inn The proprietar is a gnome called Bentar the Nimble.
Courthouse This impressive building is where criminals face their accusers. It is also the headquarters of the Lockenport Authorities.
Guardhouse #5 This guardhouse serves the River Ward.
Madame Francine's The Madame provides a range of exotic services to select clientele.
River docks A variety of docks and jetties line the Yarne river as it makes its way through this ward.
Temple of Erathis This temple is run by Lidya Gellund. It is sometimes frequented by Irregulars seeking Erathis's blessings for their missions.
Town Hall One of the largest buildings in Lockenport, the Town Hall is used for important meetings of citizens and occasionally weddings of those that can afford to hire it. From time to time, the Lockenport Troubadours stage performances in the hall.
The White Wing This is the largest of the gaming halls operated by the Brotherhood of the Swan in Lockenport.

Upper Docks

Location Notes
Ferry station Sella is captain of the ferry that runs between Lockenport and Lodren's Gate. She has a dog named Emmet.
Guardhouse #4 This guardhouse serves the Upper Docks.
Shipyards Most of the city's ships and boats are constructed in the shipyards of the Upper Docks.

Upper Ward

Location Notes
Brunsten estate The Brunsten family estate is one of the largest in the Upper Ward.
The Cygnus An upmarket entertainment establishment operated by the Brotherhood of the Swan. It caters exclusively for the residents of the Upper Ward and their guests. Membership is mandatory.
Dresk estate Jeltin Dresk lives on a small property.
Greshtik estate Karaden Greshtik's estate has high walls surrounding it, and is patrolled by a number of private guards.
Guardhouse #1 This guardhouse serves the Upper Ward.
Hefter estate Charles and Lettia often entertain guests in the grounds of their sprawling property.
Oltarn estate The Oltarns' estate is split across three locations. Buildings on two of the areas house the members of the family, while the third is used for business.
Silvertongue residence Orryn Silvertongue maintains a small but elegant home on the lower edge of this ward.
Temple of the Sky This interdenominational temple hosts weekly services celebrating the influence of many benevolent gods.
Tillmoor estate This estate used to belong to Alaine Tillmoor, but it was recently sold to Karaden Greshtik.
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