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Miles Trentworth

www.jenniferli.info_fisherman.jpg Miles Trentworth went missing during a fishing trip to a bay near the Badlands on the west coast of Comack Island. The Fisherman's Guild commissioned the Lockenport Irregulars to find Trentworth, and a group of adventurers was dispatched to locate the missing fisherman.

Miles was pulling up his nets in the late morning, when a large boat approached. When he waved a greeting to them, the response was a hail of arrows. In a panic, Trentworth unfurled his sail and rammed the beach. Although wounded, he fled across the sand towards the hills. Perhaps fortunately, Miles stumbled into a hidden pit, and fell down into an underground area, where he remained until rescued by the Irregulars a few days later. Based on the evidence, it seems his pursuers were driven off by an ankheg residing in the area. When they returned to investigate the crypt revealed by the fisherman's fall, the Irregulars sought his help in sailing back to the Badlands.

Miles Trentworth lives in a fairly poor part of Lockenport, near the fishermen's docks. He is married to Laya Hespil, and they have a son (Kellik) and a daughter (Yilla).

"It weren't flying no flag, but that were one of Greshtik's vessels f'sure.
Me brother Jodd worked on the construction of some of those."
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